Airbrush makeup artist

Airbrush makeup artists use an air compressor to spray a  fine mist of color that gently covers the skin giving the appearance of a flawless complexion.  Spraying microdots of makeup that lay on the surface of the face looks more natural than traditional makeup because the airbrush makeup artist doesn’t rub the skin and doesn’t exaggerate the pores.  The process is more hygenic, and allows the airbrush makeup artist to conceal  better while enabling your skin to breathe.

Traditional foundations can look obvious, caked on or thick, and always feel like you are wearing makeup. The Airbrush makeup artist creates a light seamless veil of colour over the skin, creating the illusion of a perfect face, because it is lightly misted on and allows your true skin tone to shine through without masking your face in heavy foundations.

The Airbrush makeup artist has the ability to mix foundation colours for individual custom blends, resulting in a more natural look that covers skins imperfections effortlessly.

By choosing Michelle West Airbrush makeup artist,  you are guaranteed that our foundations are oil free, high definition and hypo-allergenic.  Michelle has been working as an Airbrush makeup artist for over 7 years,  and has extensive experience in Bridal Makeup, Fashion Makeup and Editorial Makeup.  Our team member Skye is also an Airbrush makeup artist, using the same quality products as Michelle to maintain consistency.Airbrush Makeup Artist