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Brisbane Press Release

Eight years ago,  Michelle West Makeup Artist was still scanning people’s groceries at the local Brisbane Woolies as 2IC Customer Service Manager.  Somehow,  she knew she was destined for bigger things.

Fast forward and this mum of two runs one of the hottest Wedding Hair and Makeup businesses in Brisbane,  Michelle West Professional Airbrush Makeup and Hairstyling.

“Myself and my hairstylist Lucie,  are booked up nearly every weekend with Brisbane,  Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast weddings.  We also have more team members who are kept quite busy as well doing hair and makeup around Brisbane.   I love it so much.  Its fun helping people on a day they will remember for their entire lives.”

Michelle grew up in Brisbane’s bayside and came from a loving middle class family,  but if you think this lady is a primadonna,  think again!  After finishing her hairdressing apprenticeship, Michelle has been a factory hand,  house cleaner,  store packer and of course checkout chick!  All while raising 2 young children.

“After finishing up with Woolies,  I enrolled in a Brisbane Napoleon Makeup Course.  I thought I might be good at it,  having the hairdressing background I felt it was a natural progression as my children were getting older,  to venture back into the beauty industry in Brisbane.  I remember the teacher saying that only 10% of graduates actually get a job after the course.  I was determined to be in that 10%.”

MIchelle went on to do further study with former Brisbane Channel 10 Cinemographic Makeup Artist Jenny Pulfer,  well respected in the industry.  Under Jenny’s tutorledge,  Michelle’s Makeup skills blossomed as she also learned to Airbrush Makeup.  This has become the cornerstone of her business.

“I only Airbrush.  I don’t do traditional makeup application because it is simply not as long lasting and flawless as Airbrushing.  There is no comparison.”

“People tell me all the time to put my prices up,  but our aim is to provide an excellent hair and makeup service for Brisbane,  Gold Coast and Sunshine Coast Brides, at reasonable prices!  We also provide a more exclusive package for brides who want us there for the whole day!”

“You can tell in Michelle’s manner that she loves what she does and it shines through in the results”  says husband Steve.

“Next year we are looking at expanding more into  Sunshine Coast and Toowoomba and also opening a shopfront somewhere in the Brisbane area.”

Have a look at the latest makeup trends and hairstyles.

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