Choosing your Wedding Hairstyle

Sometimes,  there is a difference between hair styles that we like,  compared to hair styles that suit our features.

By talking to an experienced Hair and Makeup team,  your able to ensure that you are choosing the right hair style for you,  and once you have the right style,  you are sure to look a million dollars!

Round Faces – suit faces with a little height.  Hair style suggestions may be cascades of curls piled up high on the head which would have the effect of making your face look elongated. 

Heart Shaped Faces – will look less angular with styles that create width at the chin.  Suggestions waves around the jawline.

Long Shaped Faces – adding width and volume to the sides of the face.  Suggestions bring whisps of hair to suit just in front of your ears. 

The talented Hair stylists at Michelle West Airbrush Makeup and Hair can adapt most wedding hair styles to suit the shape of your face. 

Book your bridal hair and makeup trial now with our Professional Stylists.  All our hair stylists are fully qualified hairdressers also.