Naked Tan

Australian made Naked Tan,  contains only natural ingredients,  no parabins,  no alcohol and is enriched with aloe vera to nourish and hydrate your skin.

Naked Tan is perfect for both men and women who want that summer glow without exposure to the harmful uv rays of the sun.

Naked Tan is Australia’s leading tanning solution!

7 Reasons why YOU should try Naked Tan

  1. Organic DHA, no alcohol, parabins and odour free
  2. Shades available to suit all skin types
  3. Beautiful brown colour – no orange
  4. Wash and wear – 2 hour wash off,  not 8 hours
  5. A gorgeous aroma of coconut and vanilla bean scent
  6. Endorsed by over 3000 salons
  7. Quick dry in 2 minutes

Contact Michelle now to book your Naked Tan for just $25.00


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