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The quality of En vogue products is exceptional. Colour equilibrium technology, high concentrates of stable DHA formulas combined with increased penetration of active ingredients, including Vitamin E and Aloe Vera, ensure En vogue is at the forefront of scientifically designed spraytanning products.

En vogue spraytanning solution is –

  • completely fragrance free
  • quick drying
  • leaves no sticky residue
  • long lasting (up to ten days)
  • absolutely no orange undertones 
  • tan will wear off evenly.

En vogue spraytanning solution offers three levels of instant natural colours to suit all skin types. As there are only three colour levels, selecting the right colour for a particular skin type is simple

  • Level 1 is for fair skin,
  • Level 2 is for olive skin 
  • Level 3 with 12.5% DHA is or clients wanting even darker results.

Green based solution
There are two reasons why some spraytanning companies suggest their formulas are green based.Firstly it is because the formulas contain very poor quality FD & C colour agents. Envogue uses the FD & C colours which are 10 times higher in quality and price.

Secondly, instant bronzers discolour and oxydize within days after the formulas are manufactured therefore most companies state their solution as being green based.

We are confident that Envogue spraytanning solution will become your preferred tanning brand.
Envogue spraytanning solution will offer clients a natural instant colour with no orange undertones and a tan that will wear off evenly. The solution is completely fragrant free, no fragrance is necessary as all ingredients are natural. It is also very quick drying and the client’s skin is completely dry within 5 minutes of application. The end result is a tan that will last for 8-10 days.

We are extremely confident that you will be impressed with the results of Envogue spraytanning solution.

Envogue uses only the most premium German grade DHA in all of its spraytanning formulas. Unlike the majority of spraytanning suppliers who use Phenoxiethanol as a preservative, which is highly irritating and unpleasant in smell, Envogue’s ingredients are odourless and fragrant free and do not contain the commonly used and potentially irritating preservative, Phenoxiethanol.

“Michelle does a great job with spray tans. I always had the fear of going orange after a spray tan but with Michelle’s tans there is no orange tinge whatsoever. The tans look great every time and leave you feeling a million bucks.”  Sophie

Contact us now to book your Spraytanning, special available for September and October 2011

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